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Fall 2009 – Indigenous Law and Marxism Reading Group

Reading Group: Indigenous Law & Marxism
Sept. 10 – Dec. 10, 2009
Thursday, 7-9pm
Location: OISE, University of Toronto, Room 2-227

The intersections of Marxism and Indigenous Law raise significant
questions around the political-economic aspects of contemporary
Indigenous and non-Indigenous struggles. Based on a successful summer
reading group that began to examine the significant tensions and/or
linkages between Marxist and Indigenous theorists, we have put
together a more intensified reading course for the fall. If you are
interested in taking part, please send us an email at: The reading group is open to all
who are committed to doing the readings, and to engaging in on-going

Please see attached list of readings below.

September 10

Wood, E.M. (2002). The Origin of Capitalism: A Longer View. New ed.
London: Verso.

September 17

Rosenberg, J. (1994). The Empire of Civil Society: A Critique of the
Realist Theory of International Relations. London: Verso.

September 24

Stewart-Harawira, M. (2005). The New Imperial Order: Indigenous
Responses to Globalization. London: Zed Books.

October 1

Luxemburg, R. (2003). The Accumulation of Capital. London: Routledge,
p. 307-447.

October 8

Smith, N. (1991). Uneven Development: Nature, Capital, and the
Production of Space. Oxford, UK: B. Blackwell, p. 132-211.

October 15

Hall, T. (2003). The American Empire and the Fourth World. Montreal:
McGill-Queen’s University Press, p. 295-426.

October 22

(1998). The Annotated Indian Act and Aboriginal Constitutional
Provisions. Ed. Shin Imai. Scarborough, Ont: Carswell.

October 29

Neu, H, Neu, D. & Therrien, R. (2003). Accounting for Genocide:
Canada’s Bureaucratic Assault on Aboriginal People. Black Point, N.S:
Fernwood; London: Zed.

November 5
(1997). Supreme Court of Canada: Delgamuukw v. British Columbia.
Available online at

November 12

Cairns, A. (2000). Citizens plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian
State. Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press.

November 19

(1997). Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Ottawa, Ont: Libraxus
Inc, Available online at

November 26

Widdowson, F. (2006). The Political Economy of Aboriginal Dependency:
A Critique of the Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Available online
, part 1 & part 3.

December 3

Bedford, D. (2001). The Tragedy of Progress: Marxism, Modernity and
the Aboriginal Question. Halifax: Fernwood Pub.

Churchill, W. (1996). From a Native Son: Selected Essays in
Indigenism, 1985-1995. Boston: South End Press, p. 461-482.

December 10

Alfred, G.R. (1990). Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous
Manifesto. Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press.


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