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Protest Gary McHale’s Anti-Native “Anti-Racism” rally in Caledonia, Sunday, March 21 at 1pm.

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism — a day that grew out of anti-colonial resistance to South African apartheid. Increasingly, it is also becoming a day which neo-nazi groups are trying to co-opt by claiming it as “World Wide White Pride Day”

Now Gary McHale, the noted anti-Native activist who has made a career for himself by stirring up tensions between people in Caledonia and Six Nations is getting in on the action. On March 21 he and his followers are organizing a so-called “Anti-Racist Rally” in Caledonia, claiming that white people in the town are the victims of ongoing “racism” at the hands of people from Six Nations and the provincial government.

McHale’s followers are planning to gather for a “rally” outside the Lion’s Hall in Caledonia and then according to one of the organizers, they are considering trying to march onto the Six Nations controlled former Douglas Creek Estates in order to have a “potluck” – a move calculated to raise tensions and produce further conflict in the area.

As far as we know, Gary McHale has no formal connection with neo-Nazis, but his constant attempts to portray white people as ever present victims of “land claim terrorism,” his painting of activists from Six Nations as ‘violence prone thugs’, and his misrepresentation of the colonial reality that indigenous people face every day in Canada, lays the groundwork for openly racist groups and individuals to spread a message of hatred and fear in white communities surrounding Six Nations. There is documented video evidence that prominent Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm has attended McHale’s rallies in the past, as have members of the neo-nazi Northern Alliance group

The CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group took the initiative to organize against McHale and his followers when he organized the “Caledonia Militia” group for the purpose of carrying out citizens’ arrests of Six Nations people defending their land rights last summer.“militia”-in-caledonia/ Now that he is again organizing a public rally, we call on all anti-racist activists and supporters of indigenous struggles to stand in solidarity with Six Nations and show that Gary McHale does not speak for all non-natives, and that his political program and political activities are most certainly not “anti-racist”.

Please join us in gathering outside of the Caledonia Lions Hall at 100 Haddington St, Caledonia starting at 1pm.

The CUPE 3903 FNSWG.


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  1. What is really disgusting is the fact that Gary McHale and Company have usurped the status of Holocaust victims, blacks and “good natives” (read: those who support the colonialist system of unearned privileges that perpetuate oppression and discrimination). Just a mere one day’s worth of Internet research shows that McHale and Company have heavy truck and trade with well-heeled Nazi war criminals, violent white male supremacists, kiddie porn consumers and other social deviants.

    Violence and thuggery is always defined by the “winners” in this system of unearned privileges, isn’t it?

    One thing that stood out that sent bad chills down my spine when I happened upon that Google video featuring David Ruud of Northern Alliance at McHale’s Oct 15 2007 anti-native reclamation rally was Ruud’s repeated use of the words “special treatment.”

    For those of us all too familiar with the politics and machinations of genocide, “special treatment” means one — and only one — thing: the immediate extermination of those of us deemed to be members of an execratable race (Jews and Serbs in my case, aboriginal people here on the American continent).

    When First Nations/Native American people were brutally hewn down and their survivors made into third-class citizens in their own country, this crime of infamy was sanitized by euphemisms such as “progress”, “civilizing”, and “Manifest Destiny” (implying some sick and demented “divine right” to carry out genocide).

    When domestic terrorists like Aryan Guard blow up people with pipe bombs, it’s called “celebrating European heritage”. But when a group of oppressed people rise up and say, “We’re not gonna take it anymore!” and raise a flag, it’s called “terrorism” and “thuggery.”

    My sympathies lie four-square with the First Nations/Native American people. I know that McHale’s whining is not about flags or “respect for the rule of law.” He’s whining because he wants to maintain a system of unearned rich white male privileges. He benefited from imperialism/feudalism/colonialism/fascism/capitalism, and that is precisely why he beats his “law and order” drum.

    73 years ago, Nuremberg Law # 322 was enacted by the Nazi government. This “rule of law” prompted the seizure of all Jewish owned property (even if the only thing you had was a cheap brass menorah to light on Chanukkah) and the herding of Jews into the sealed ghettos of Lodz, Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin, and Minsk…until the Nazis marched six million of us into the gas chambers and mass-cremated us, after taking the fillings from our teeth, the hair from our heads, and even the clothes on our backs.

    After the end of WW II, three engineers and key employees for the firm Topf & Son stood trial in Erfurt, Germany. Their names were Fritz Sander, Kurt Prufer, and Karl Schultze. These three white middle-aged middle class “good German men” offered to make themselves indisposable to the Third Reich, the Nazi Party, and their boss Ludwig Topf by joining the Nazi Party and then applying to the patent office in Berlin for the exclusive rights to design, build, and perform maintenance on these heavy-duty industrial-sized crematoria in order for their employer to get the exclusive contract with the Reich Economic Office for this machination of genocide — which ensured job security for these three “good Germans.”

    When the Allied Force judges at the tribunal asked these men why they did what they did, they didn’t say it was because they hated the Jews. They didn’t say it was because they feared the SS or the Nazi government. They said it was because they were afraid of losing their middle class jobs and that they were merely obeying the “rule of law” of their Nazi government.

    If it were not for Dine (Navajo) code-talkers, Hitler (and the Axis Forces) would have handed the Allied Forces their asses and the Nazis (and their compatriots, the Croatian Ustasi, the Bosnian SS Handzar, and the Hungarian Arrow-Cross) would have succeeded in killing ever last Jew — of that, I am quite certain. I am the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

    I admire the Mohawk warriors at Caledonia and Oka because in the face of enormous obstacles, they stood up against what was really an ongoing oppression and injustice and they did not let six million of their people be marched into gas chambers.

    Yes, there were people caught in the middle. But I believe that none of that would have happened if not for the actions of a corrupt town council, a greedy rich land developer who was looking for a license to steal, and police who drew first blood.

    And like their philosophical descendents of today (the anti-native, right-wing “law and order” screeching gang), the Nazi SS were the first Holocaust deniers: they attempted to destroy evidence of their genocidal crimes by blowing up some of the crematoriums and gas chambers before fleeing the oncoming Allied troops.

    It is no coincidence that the same people who claim that “the natives have it too good” are also the same people who lynched Jews and black men in the deep South, and who say that the Holocaust didn’t occur (despite mountains of evidence proving otherwise).

    There is a wealth of info on these modern-day neo-Nazis, white male supremacists, and their fellow travellers at the Nizkor website. McHale & Company’s hands are, indeed, quite sullied. No matter how McHale spins it, you can’t polish a turd.

    To me, that unity flag will always represent a distress call for help from my First Nations friends — and that is a call that I will answer and gladly come to aid my First Nations friends in any way I can.

    Comment by Jacqueline S. Homan | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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