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Event to Support and Learn about the Two Row Times, Nov 14, 2013, 7pm, Beit Zatoun

Two Row Times

November 14, 2013, Beit Zatoun, 612 Markam Street, 7pm

Jon Garlow (publisher and owner of the Two Row Times) and Nahnda Garlow (renowned “Scone Dogs and Seed Beads” columnist of the Two Row Times), will speak on Indigenous resurgence and grassroots media, and their vision for the Two Row Times newspaper.

This event is anto learn about and discuss the new, weekly mass circulation newspaper coming out of Six Nations and covering content far beyond. It is working to bring respect for and renew relationships with the Two Row Wampum throughout the Dish with One Spoon Treaty Territory.

Whether you are curious or uninformed about the paper, interested in supporting or contributing to it, or just generally understand the importance of grassroots media – don’t miss this evening of exciting discussion. Let’s build media that speaks the voice of the people, together.

For a short video clip describing the paper, and to support

The Two Row Times

In the words of its publisher and owner, Jonathan Garlow, “the goal of the Two Row Times is to provide timely and relevant news and information to Native communities as well as to serve as a bridge between all nations by promoting and demonstrating the values of the Two Row Wampum.”

The Two Row Wampum – the original agreement between Onkwehon:we people and the new arrivals on this continent – is the guiding light for the paper. The Two Row Times pledges that our actions will be consistent with the principles of the Two Row Wampum and the Kaianerekowa – “the great peace” – a philosophical and constitutional framework that is the basis of the Onkwehon:we worldview and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

The Two Row Times provides a unique Onkwehon:we news source that can unify and uplift all people. We believe that a coming together of native and non-native people to express our common interests in healing the earth, honouring diversity and creating respectful and dignified conditions of life for all is the only way to ensure our continued survival as human beings.

The paper is circulated throughout the Dish with One Spoon, which covers a huge territory surrounding the Great Lakes region and encompasses much of Ontario, New York State, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. The paper currently has a distribution of 20,000, with a vision to grow in number and locations throughout the territory.

The Two Row Times exists because of the need to develop media institutions that can express the interests and experiences of Onkwehon:we people and promote unity with all who want to stop harming each other and to start healing our mother the earth. Communication is an indispensable part of this process. Unlike mainstream media, Onkwehon:we communication is based upon a practice of decolonization. It upholds the Onkwehon:we way of life, it educates the un-informed, and it contributes to the defence of our territories by drawing attention to the actions of Onkwehon:we peoples.


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